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Online Poker made for Europe

On this website we will focus on a lot of aspects regarding online poker. We will list the rules of poker. If your favourite poker game is Texas Holdem, then OnlinePoker EU will be your future site.

Omaha Poker, 5 Card Stud and the other variants of online poker will also be a part of this site BUT Texas Holdem is the most popular online poker variant today.

Questions and poker themes

Is online poker a kind of gambling or is it a skill game?

Is online poker a type of game you can learn to master? Is it at all possible to become a better poker player and win against opponents just because your have more talent than they have? Or is online poker a matter of luck and is it possible to win with no talent at all? We will try to figure out whether or not it is gambling or not.

Online poker rooms

We will list all the online poker rooms available on the Internet today. Today you can found about 600 different poker rooms. They all say they are the best. They all say we have the best poker bonus. They all say they have more poker fish than their competitors. They can’t all be right?

Linux and online poker

Linux and online poker does it work together? Yes it does. Read our article here on OnlinePoker EU and you’ll see that Linux is a great OS for Online Poker.

This and much more.


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