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Linux poker

Online poker for people using Linux was a problem back in the old days. Today in 2007 we have plenty of options if we want to play online poker on a computer running Linux.

Linux and Java

If you want to gamble in a few minutes the fastest way is the play online poker in your browser. A lot of the poker rooms offer a no-download version of their online poker software. It has a lot of disadvantages fx worse graphics. We will recommend the Linux users that want to play online poker to try the no-download version at first if they never have played online poker before.

If you are a bit experienced and have tried a few online poker rooms you should consider the download version. When you download a poker client and install the software on your computer you will get a better online poker experience. The thing you have to do is using Wine.

Linux and Wine.

Wine is a program you install on your computer. With the Wine component installed you are able to run Windows programs on a Linux computer. It is not all online poker rooms that run perfectly with Wine and Linux. We have tested a few online poker rooms and have been very satisfied with the online poker software from Party Poker. Another room Paradise Poker was also running as it should. You are able to download the full online poker programs and install them on your Linux computer. It works! You can get a version of Wine here. Another usefull program is Winetools.

Linux and Windows

Dual booting is a third option. You must install Windows on your system also. We don’t recommend this option.

Linux and online casino

If you want to gamble on a online casino you can use the same methods like we have described above with online poker.

Before your gamble for real money We´ll recommend that you only play for play money the first time you gamble at a new gambling destination.

I have tried to put $100 in my online gambling account and then when I tried to gamble the software froze again and again. I had a hassle getting back my money from the casino company. So don´t do that.


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